REALIST NEWS – ICOs On Track To Raise $1.7B As Firms Ignore SEC’s “Tokens Are Securities” Ruling

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15 thoughts on “REALIST NEWS – ICOs On Track To Raise $1.7B As Firms Ignore SEC’s “Tokens Are Securities” Ruling

  1. There goes the "limited supply" of the alt coin…lol….I mean the barrier to entry to create an alt digital coin is far too low…..Its easier then getting a paper mill and printing press for fiat currency…I can imagine some of these "coins" going to crazy levels but the I can see the potential for the market getting absolutely saturated very quickly followed by a massive crash….

  2. Joe
    Why don't you and your boyz talk about the new SDR coin called ACCoin?
    They are going to capture all All ALL hard assets and it has begun. China done a coin offering of tea (look on the 1988 economist it says tea) success!
    All I want you to do is ask Clif if he can weigh in on this because it is Big!
    Heard it on ITM TRADING with Lynette Zang

  3. Bitcoin cannot be controlled…this was publicly stated by Bill Gates.
    U.S. regulators can pound salt after their intentional failure to regulate the banks that led up to the real estate bubble bursting in 2008. They are nothing more than corporate employees of the U.S. Inc. CORPORATION masquerading as our federal government with no LAWFUL authority "regulate" our currency.

    Remember Washington D.C. is one of the four Independent International administrative City-State Hubs of the Global Estate Trust. Functioning as our "Municipal" government it has presented itself as our lawful federal government (WHICH IT IS NOT) and has been acting in open treason against our actual constitution since 1991.

    That Trust is the largest corporate conglomerate and interlocking trust directorate on earth with four administrative HUBS operated as independent international City-States. The trust operates out of the VATICAN, Westminster, WASHINGTON D.C., and the United Nations.

    All corporations are accountable to INTERNATIONAL LAW under the authority of the Vatican Curia, the Vatican Chancery Court and the POPE. INTERNATIONAL LAW prohibits corporations from creating or enforcing LAW. Corporations can only create STATUTES and STATUTES are not LAWS nor are they enforceable as LAWS.

    The POPE acknowledged his awareness of this massive FRAUD with the use of TRUSTS in his 2013 "Motu Proprio" in which he also pledged to mobilize the entire assets of the Global Estate Trust to end it! But the Vatican and the Pope have made NO EFFORT to honor that "divine" pledge.

    Our actual Constitution provides that ANYTHING that grants power over it is UNLAWFUL and UNENFORCEABLE. The Vatican is violating the SUPREME LAW OF THIS LAND and will continue to do so as long as we allow it to continue.

  4. Pleas listen to SGT report today with Lynette Zang. Describes how outs will use block chain to take out all assets. Extremely knowledgable Steemit reporter also verified what she said.

  5. How many want to bet Clif is paid to promote whatever Crypto in his reports and people run with it thinking he used some words he gathered on the Internet to make his price projections, and everyone believes him? For he has been wrong almost 100% of the time with where the price of gold/silver is going. Big whales or owners of whatever Cryptos pay Clif to promote whatever crypto and he comes up with whatever number out of thin air and so far, many believe him, when he has been almost 100% wrong on gold/silver, but almost 100% right on cryptos for this reason. Clif always dogs Ripple XRP but if he was paid enough, he would soon praise and promote XRP and charge you $99 for it, so he double ends the income, getting paid to promote whatever crypto and getting paid to sell his reports. Clif is almost 100% wrong on gold/silver and almost 100% right on Cryptos for this reason, as big whales can drive up the price of any crypto fast by simply pressing market order to buy up to the price they stop and then people pile on and panic-buy in the frenzy they created. And you say cryptos are not rigged? What deception.

  6. JSnip4….and others….
    FYI…. I still have access to my gold and silver when the lights go out during a storm…. I mean it's a bit difficult in the dark to SEE my gold and silver. But I have access….

    I wonder if i could have the same access to my BitCoins? I haven't tried to it… I'm sure it won't be a problem to access my BitCoins in the dark when the power is out in my neighborhood, along with my internet being down… I'm sure there won't be a problem accessing my ($98,675.44) each BitCoin…

    What do u think? Will I be able to access my BitCoins when there is no electricity or internet?

    Forget everything, the next big thing is gonna be a phone that DOESN'T need charging. And constant internet…!

    You BEST believe I'm investing in that!!!

  7. Cashed out my Coinbase account with a nice return on my investment and man I feel fine. Never doing that again. That crap is going to 'crash crash crash, into a ditch.' Andre3000

  8. Why is Lynette Zang the only one talking about SDR Coin? Not even Clif is talking about this. This is a huge deal. I really like Clif but the fact he doesn't bring this up in his reports…. makes me a bit suspicious.

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