10 thoughts on “(REVIEW) Scandal | Season 6: Ep. 8 | A Stomach for Blood (RECAP)

  1. I85 bridge collapsed in Atlanta, so the show was delayed until 3am, like we don't have am jobs to go to!
    thanks for great review!!!

  2. If Abby goes back to Pope & Associates then no I don't want her to die, but she's tainted now & I don't trust her so yea maybe she do gotta die. I just want Samantha to go more tho.

  3. OMG I agree and i love your reviews. Yeah Abby gotta Die. I didn't care about the back story. She really thought they just wanted to give her 300 Million Dollars out of no where ?????? just because they're "Team Abby" Yeah she deserved to be killed just for being stupid. #Traitor

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