13 thoughts on “Scientist Tries To Bring The Woolly Mammoth Back From The Dead | Mach | NBC News

  1. Qualified to reconstruct a mammoth but can't tell the difference between an Asian and African elephant.

  2. Had to dislike for the african elefant being pictured when speaking of the asian. The science is fanscinating but NBC do some research.

  3. Cloning a Mammoth is possible but they will be different then they were a long time ago half Asian half Mammoth.

  4. Why do you need to tell me to subscribe at the end of every video?  Lester is annoying.  Chuck is annoying.  It adds at least 15 seconds to the clips which forces me to have interact with my device to move to my next clip.  None of the other major networks do this.  There's a reason NBC is last on my search for news clips.

  5. They just want to keep experimenting with crispr and give humans more entertainment, instead of trying to save current species from going extinct or humans from being so violent and cruel.

  6. I'm waiting for them to use CRISPR to make miniature elephants. That should be pretty easy, and they'd be popular pets.

  7. by bringing this species of elephant back how would you know if it lacks all of the characteristics or even if it is a hybrid could this be potentially dangerous.

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