17 thoughts on “Sudden Strike 4 Review “Buy, Wait for Sale, Rent, Never Touch?”

  1. This is a buy? It's refreshing?? This game destroys (dumbs down) the Sudden Strike series. It's terrible. I'm so surprised by this review…

  2. Played all Sudden strike games, but this one dosnt cut it for me. It dosnt hit the same atmosphere as previous games, the icons are to blody huge, makes it look to "arcade" or "toy like". The game need propper build mechanics, way to build good defences that makes sense to do, not some one-click and 2 secs later there is sandbags around my tank. To bad cause im dying for a good new WW2 strategy game, this isnt it. Dont mention the new blitzkrieg game, its just as crappy.

  3. How do you not talk about the FOV? (field of view) Tanks can only see whats directly in front of them… Officers are useless compared to the earlier SS games scouting vehicles are useless unlike the old SS games. Infantry is literally cannon fodder as scouts. Infantry also cant even make their own foxholes or trenches… The campaign is beyond easy.

    And multiplayer is absolute trash you buy units from random docks/train stations. And in the campaign air support works because ai doesnt move their units if they aren't shooting at you however, in multiplayer a static straight line air support will never kill a human player unit as they are (Always moving). SS4 is only better than SS3. SS2 and SS1 are 1000x better than this half $$$ game.

  4. What's the minimum req's? I mean could my pc handle this? I built it in 2001 for Final Fantasy 11 (and it can handle Crysis on max…) can't handle today's shit…. but this doesn't look that intensive… not any more then C&C 3 or Kane's Wrath…

  5. dose it really that graphically demanding? it says gtx1050ti lol,dosent look that amazing for a card liek that.

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