20 thoughts on “Suicided? Despite No Gun, Police Say Lawyer Connected to DNC Fraud Suit Shot Himself

  1. I get it, he shoots himself and a voodoo spell like in the movie "Weekend at Bernie's" compels his corpse to walk to the beach.

  2. Hi Jon Masters, Ryan C. here and I raise my glass with my cold tasty beverage in it up towards you and I say "Salute" Good job on the videos and all the suppressed information you are informing us, the people, with. Please keep up the good work!

  3. Possibilities, as a word, is my favorite word, because it encompasses all possible things. There is no word I can think of that is more inclusive and impressive.

  4. Thank you for doing this report, I hope it reaches more people, than just President Trump's supporters.

  5. O.K. people, let's all see just how much of a coward you people are. You are going to wait until Hillary and Bill are good and dead before you cowards open your mouth and talk about how you just knew that they were so evil. You will kiss the Clinton's ass until they are dead. Face up to it. You simply love wicked, evil criminals that will completely ruin your life. You love a lie and you worship liars.

  6. A couple of weeks ago a married couple died in a "Suicide". At first they tried to connect it to the high cost of medical care, but there was no evidence they were sick. They were in Debt, but apparently had lived their lives that way as many people do. The amount of the debt does not seem like enough given their history to explain the suicide. Plus the suicide notes are suspicious. They also helped out on 9/11. I really think they crossed the wrong people somehow.

  7. A different way to explain what he was trying to say in the beginning is when an individual is exposed to something, it makes it possible for that individual to perpetuate it.

    For example, my husband committed suicide a few years ago. A child who's parent committed suicide is more than 50% more likely to commit suicide.

    Now when you look at this statistic you may relate it to others in the medical field, such as say breast cancer, then you figure ok, it's something genetic. They are more likely to because of genetics, like cancer or addiction or having brown hair. That is wrong.

    What he was trying to explain and how it relates to the above example is the statistic has very little if any genetic connection. The reason is due to EXPOSURE. The child has now been exposed to suicide, the child has been exposed to it being an OPTION.

    More than 50% is significant and higher than most genetic traits (50% chance a boy or girl, have brown or black hair, etc.)

  8. BLM is all for protesting and starting violent riots when a cop kills a black man. But a cop gets killed. Wheres BLM when they actually have a just, non-debatable cause to riot for. also this coming from a black man btw

  9. Unfortunately to many sheep in America will never believe that family would have anything to do with these?

  10. If you did the research on aledged suicides that had ANYTHING to do with the clintons from Arkansas to now , you'd have a book thick as your arm.

  11. Jon, on Mike Rivero's website Whatreallyhappened he has quite an extensive trail of dead connected to Killary who all manage to suicide and this includes the MI6 agent who suicided himself and managed whilst dead to stuff himself into a gym holdall and lock it on the outside, it was revealed he had broken into Killary's extensive web servers and was dead very quickly after.

    Do remember that Iran-Contra was all about selling and moving drugs for the American and Israeli mafia's hence why Bill forbade on point of bad that under no circumstances should any federal or state agent intervene or interfere in the mass trafficking of heroin and cocaine through Mena airport where the CIA were bringing it in by the tonload, just think on how much misery and death was inflicted on the streets of America, just wonder how many innocent Americans died on that shit peddled and touted by the Killary's best friends???

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