19 thoughts on “Take a Knee My Ass

  1. this guy is saying that he won't take any because he won't humble himself because he's a jackass that likes to rape and murder people

  2. Why are people so angry. They aren't disrespecting anyone by kneeling. That is just their way of respecting veterans. People are grumpy saying "I won't watch the NFL anymore because of this." Come on. Just please stop. I don't care what you think and stuff but please don't say they are bad people.

  3. Great song. It's all about respect. Protest somewhere else, not during the Anthem. Thank you Neal McCoy!

  4. Funny the ones protesting the flag because of perceived wrongs do nothing in their communities where this alleged injustices occur.

  5. Thank god I live in a land that have biggest group of inbreed people who dont understand anything you said you honor the ones who served but you shoot and kill people of color but wont take a knee. Than get the heck of here you inbreed backwoods fool

  6. To the idiot in these comments who tried to tell me "more white people are killed by cops" and then disappeared:

    White people have a larger population. Several times larger. This is why "more" white people are shot.

    Black people, however, are statistically much more likely to be shot at, arrested, suspected of crimes they didn't commit. They are less than 15% of the U.S. population but account for up to half of wrongful (known) convictions.

    This is how "proportions" work. You know, BASIC BABY ASS MATH?

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