13 thoughts on “The Game Grumps Make Fun of Irate Gamer

  1. Sonic 06 review
    “This game has oceans, arched rocks, palm trees, ninja turtles, product placement”
    In stores now for only 2.99$
    Customer review
    “What the Hill, hows it so cheap?”

  2. This is back when Jon and Arin were making videos because it was fun and they enjoyed it. Now they're like companies that have to make money, so they have all the censorship and restriction put on them that comes with it, whether that is self-imposed or whatever. Selling out ruins EVERYTHING GOOD THAT WE LIKE ALWAYS

  3. I actually found the Irate Gamer before i found AVGN and the Nostalgia Critic in the early youtube days. I thought AVGN was the ripoff for about a week or something and then i decided to look some shit up.

    I feel dirty just typing that.

  4. We dont hate his videos, we hate HIM. he stole angry game reviewing from AVGN when it first came out, did a carbon copy of James' idea and never once even mentioned him. He disrespected the source of his inspiration, and for that we can never forgive him.

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