15 thoughts on “The Mend Semi final [HD] – Britains got talent 2012

  1. right at the end of the song when he went rollercoaster with "tonight", his voice sounded crystal – it was crisp and clear!!! their harmonies were superb, too!

  2. the guy with the lead vocal…….he needs more lyrics and the rapper also,the two others are to much pushed aside ,but they are unnecessery in my oppinion

  3. These young men are really inspiring. The vocal talent is off the charts. The rapper has a presence all his own. But what stands out for me is their story….their friendship. Their chemistry isn't just about music it's about a oneness they have with each other. Like a family, some are more vocal, charismatic or attractive than others but a family is made up of all not just talent. Those two obscure young men play a roll in the live of this group. Once they get popular unfortunately it does not always stay that way. I'm praying for them. They are gifted and united. I pray that they stay true to their roots. Awesome.

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