19 thoughts on “The Raw Power of the Oceanic White Tip Shark

  1. 🙁 that poor marlin. It would've lived had it not been dangling like a dinner bell at the end of a fishing line. Chickens are a distant relative of the t-Rex–karmic irony; I wonder what will become of humans…

  2. Will never get past the term "prize" used to describe a Marlin or any larger ocean fish. How long does that Blue Marlin have to be on a fisherman's wall before the fisherman doesn't look at it any longer and basically has forgotten all about it?

  3. I don't approve of Marlin fishing, even if it is catch and release. Unfortunately game fishermen follow their migratory patterns all around the world and this is quite often the end result. Even when released they are often so knackered they become easy pray out of site of the people involved.

  4. Why would you catch Merlin if you already had credible information about sharks attacking struggling fish. You people calling yourself  research group? You are bunch of foolish men.

  5. Fisherman loses half of eaten fish to the sharks?? Sharks made him pay taxes in their ocean..Call it a shark tax..lol

  6. That's very cool! I don't understand why people are afraid of them, they are very curious and beautiful creatures to swim with, and I am not a pro, had a blast with one in Hawaii!

  7. I don't know about them jumping but they certainly are very dangerous. Oceanic white tips are called oceanic because they live primarily in deep water long way from land where food is scarce. This makes them extremely opportunistic and aggressive. They'll eat whatever they come across because it might be there last meal for a long time and unlike a lot of sharks they will continue to attack after being fought off.

  8. Distress, chemicals, & other biological signals or perturbations attract sharks attention. Beside that, it's not unusual to see oceanic predators in near proximity. Are you hypothesizing that some sharks are now conditioned to sense and attract to motors and cavitation? As if it is a signal that chum and bait will follow?

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