20 thoughts on “VAST – I’m Dying

  1. I'm Dying

    Jesus Christ
    Are you the son of God
    I want to know
    You ask that I believe
    Not one day goes by
    That I don't compromise
    Your love for the cold love of the world
    It's killing me through my own evil pride
    Not one day goes by
    That I don't know that I'm dying

    Jesus Christ
    Are you the Saviour of the world
    I want to see
    But I still believe
    Not one day goes by
    That I don't realize
    I know that no one will ever know
    Where the flowers go when they are gone
    Not one day goes by
    That I don't know that I'm dying
    I want to say, you all are too

  2. Are there any other songs by vast that have the same background noises like 'I'm dying' and 'the niles edge'?

  3. "Sometimes I think I should take advantage of young girls, but then I think mmmm, better not…" – Fat Pedo 

  4. Got to see Vast in a college bar after the release of Music For People, there was a good turnout for the local Goth Rock band that opened up, but thanks to a horrible follow up band, few people stuck around to hear Vast.  They still put on a fantastic show, we got to be feet away from them as they rocked out, and had plenty of room to dance.  

  5. Yeah I'm dying…
    Just a little everyday and already dead in the inside. Though when i die you will begin to die for what you've taken from me. They say you can sleep when you die and living with insomnia of the terrors that haunt me as i lay my head to rest has taken its vicious toll on me.

  6. I love this band…. I love screamo, deathmetal, heavymetal, softmetal and rock…. you can't label this… I love it!!!! 🙂

  7. I love this album.  The best bands are always underated.  Look at Tool. People would rather listen to simple country music talking about their tractors and sleeping with their family members.

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