9 thoughts on “Why Coach doesn’t want to be a discount brand

  1. The stitching on the lime green crossbody at the end of the video is perfection. That's the craftsmanship my parents came to know of Coach. Louis Vuitton was once known for their stitching as well. But not any more. And I can personally attest to that from a recent purchase. While Coach's quality is quickly improving, Louis Vuitton's and Chanel's is going the opposite direction and yet they have the audacity to consistently increase their prices. We criticized Coach for going overseas to manufacture their bags and many will not forgive Coach for doing so. Correct me if I'm wrong but LV is now manufacturing their handbags in the USA. Heck they manufacture just about everywhere Spain, Italy, France, USA. I seriously doubt the workers outside of France are paid at the same scale as those in France. And yet we are willing to spend thousands of dollars for a French handbag that was made in the USA. Personally I don't reach for my LV handbags as often not because they now manufacture in the USA but because I no longer believe they are the luxury brand they once were. Instead, I reach for my vintage Coach purses and it always pleasantly surprises me when I'm stopped in the street and asked if my bag is a vintage Coach. I've come to realize with age that I shouldn't focus so much on the name but more so on the quality. It is this appreciation that has led me to admire fine craftsmanship. And so I treasure all my well made vintage bags whether they be Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Hermes, and so on but most especially Coach because that was the legacy passed on to me. I'm happy they are making a comeback.

  2. Coach did get a little wonky. The styles were awful for the price. If they take Coach out of Macy's and Dillard's then I am not buying them. I love Coach but it is not a LV, Prada, etc.. If Coach goes this way- I am gone.

  3. I mean, Coach you are probably near the bottom of the luxury designer spectrum because Coach is already putting itself out there as an affordable brand compared to other European luxury brands, thus raising their accessibility which means Coach = no appreciation, and too common.

  4. Could it maybe be the terrible brand…. I mean, who the fuck really wants to say their product is a fucking "Walmart" brand or "Coach".

  5. I love coach! It was my first designer handbag. LOVE leather goods. And it's true. Even with all these years that have passed, my coach leather bag looks amazing!

  6. I like coach ,but I think its target demo is younger women and older women, the middle age woman will opt for something else.

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