15 thoughts on “Why Manny Pacquiao Beat Jeff Horn (Landed Punches Count) #PacHorn

  1. Pacquiao's boxing record could've been better if judges in his other fights judged HONESTLY according to boxing rules. i watched all this man's fight and his record must be 63-4-1. not 59-7-2, the 3 losses are obviously robbed. while the 1 draw with agapito sanchez should`ve been a win for him because agapito sanchez use many dirty moves against him. Agapito should've been disqualified in that fight. #JustSaying #Facts #Truth

  2. Horn won. Manny really confused by Horn. Manny needed a stool for his "no chance" cherry pick. Two of the nicest guys in boxing . Jeff Horn and Manny

  3. to the guy that said manny got smashed…look at both faces and tell me who got smashed…horn cant hide his face, even after a fewweeks his face still looked fuked up LOL

    enjoy ur fake aussie champ, a freekeen australian school teacher full of arrogance LOL
    u guys are great fakes, scams, and scums in australia that knows how to celebrate a scum gift…australian do a great job at that…fukeen land of kangaroos LOL

  4. 116-112 manny won. i gave horn 4 rounds. 1, 6, 7 and 12. i gave horn as many rounds as i could but manny win clearly! also round 9 could be scored a 10-8! so 116-111!

  5. Thank you for this video because we can determine the real champion… To all: Don't join any form of gambling especially in the
    boxing industry..

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