14 thoughts on “ZTAO – Black White (AB)

  1. Tao : I don't give a shhhhhhhhhhit

    Me : oh shhhhhiiittt he said it :') why u so beautiful tao? Shhhiiitt~

  2. Um, Tao, no offense, but there's a typo in your title, I believe it's supposed to be "GREEN and white"…

    plz don't hate me It's just a joke

  3. People who are saying about level of exo.. Should think before speaking about them.. Members of exo didn't threw them out.. They left of their own.. If there was no exo there would be no kris tao or Luhan.. It's difficult to bring out everyone out of 12 members in same group.. I don't know what sm did but don't condemn the group.. And who said tao was not handsome.. If u think so it's your fault

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